12 February 2014

Luxury is in each detail | Fashion law post

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By now you fashion lovers out there probably recognize Givenchy's $1,695 knee high sheath boots:

Nude Givenchy - Leather Knee-High Sheath Boots photo 73b8a97d3adba092312f18b4f76fa3b0_zps049560d7.jpgBlack Givenchy - Leather Knee-High Sheath Boots photo 11b91fff568d30c8a46be95ed8ef4287_zps0c457837.jpg

 Can you tell the difference between the real thing and a knock-off? 
 photo ace4df34934111e3acf412b651105798_8_zps8a1a2254.jpg

I recently turned my attention back to this style of Givenchy boot because the shark lock style has been used in new styles. (See post end).

-When I first saw these boots last year I almost wrote a blog post because I thought they looked inspired by Hermès. When I bumped into them while shopping at a department store, I realized they had their own identity and I was elated to find them in my size! The hidden wedge is high at 4 1/2 inches but I figured I could overlook that by being sure to wear them when I'm not in a rush or walking more than one mile. What was not okay to me was that--due to my short legs--when I sat the boots would crease and dig into my leg.

Well, as Hubert de Givenchy noted,
"Luxury is in each detail"
While searching for the details of the shoes (leg circumference, heel height, etc) to buy a new pair sight unseen, a google search led me to my fashion nightmare: uninventive knockoffs that by law should be labelled infringements.

The most notable knockoffs I found are by Jessica Buurman and Choies. I know, I know, a different blogger would be announcing these as a "look for less" post.

Choies photo ScreenShot2014-02-12at20916PM_zpsb76f41fe.png
Choies $174.99
Jessica Buurman photo 1-Buy-Street-Style-Shoes-QAMRA-Leather-Wedged-Heels-Boots-Black_zps1f2a1d0c.jpg
Jessica Buurman currently on sale for $169.00

 Do you like the latest similar styles by Givenchy? 

Givenchy Leather Shark-Lock Sandals photo 93df97b9ce67e38378b74a49a411acf5_zpse0766f08.jpg
Givenchy photo ScreenShot2014-02-12at31325PM_zps8983edba.png

Givenchy Boots photo ScreenShot2014-02-12at30326PM_zps5ebccfd8.png
Givenchy Leather Boots photo 94eff31f12883ce51f8603082be3ceb8_zps7afa6e97.jpg

I love the new double loop because it is more differentiated from what I originally considered an Hermès appearance.

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19 January 2014

Build your work wardrobe | Clothing sale alert

Bonjour mes amis!   

I could not let my posting hiatus go over two months. I was going to tweet this sale alert but I decided to share here. Since I have been helping some people build their work wardrobes, I have found that Banana Republic is usually a safe bet. When I first started working, I loved Banana Republic and the materials were great: BR had silk blouses and dresses at great prices. In the past years I found the quality and cuts lacking and too derivative. Recently I have been finding myself more pleased with their cuts and variety.

Well, Banana Republic is having a 40% off sale online tonight, through the 20th.

This brand is great for adding items to your wardrobe that will work well for work and casual wear.

Below are some of my picks:

Light sweaters are great over sleeveless tops, long sleeved tops, and dresses. I prefer colored ones because they pop more. Having 'loud' but conservative colors shows confidence.

Navy trousers are versatile pieces that can work in any work wardrobe. 

Long sleeve tops are also a work essential. These pieces are conservative enough that you can opt for a variety of materials, patterns, and colors for a fun wardrobe yet still be office appropriate.

I love to wear sleeveless tops under suits or casually with denim to showcase accessories.

As I shop online I pin things I like for my own wardrobe. You can check out my pins at http://www.pinterest.com/fashionblawger/

 Lol, but say no to:
This dress is far from office appropriate; however, in a solid color this dress could work well.
My problem with this dress is that it too closely copies DVF. A piece like this can be a great staple but I say invest in the original source.

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