29 September 2014

The Limited brings you a closet filled with Scandal

The Limited has a Scandal collection worth checking out. The collection has great attention to detail and is available in regular, petite, and tall sizing.
The Limited's Scandal Business Attire
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Scandal stylist, Lyn Paolo, mixes suiting separates to style Scandal's main character, Olivia Pope. The Limited's Scandal collection contains 78 pieces that you can mix and match.

Traditional suiting is an essential base for a professional work wardrobe. Pieces with character are also great. Non-traditional suiting pieces that are conservative but feminine are a great way to build on your professional attire. Pieces that are structured and feminine are great choices. The key to keeping your look professional is to keep non-traditional suiting in neutral palettes. Mixing prints and using multiple bold colors should be done with classic suiting.

27 September 2014

I never thought I'd be in Playboy but... | Fashion law post

Would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet?
Biofit by Playboy bra and panty
New Biofit collection. 
I was lucky my Yorkie (now one) stayed away from my handbags and shoes while he was teething. But lately my laundry has become his fixation. I now have front loading washer and dryer units so when I drop something he notices before I do. He has amassed quite the collection of things, which he hides in a crawl space he thinks he has trained me I respect enough to not enter. His latest victim was one of my Victoria's Secret Biofit bras. 

24 September 2014

How to tell if a pearl is real | Fashion law shopping guide

Can you distinguish imitation pearls from genuine pearls?
I recently posted Chanel pearls on my Instagram account, which reminded me that given the high price and popularity, Chanel "pearls" are often mistaken as real pearls.

Guide to Pearls image of pearls in a jewelry box
Pearls can be saltwater, freshwater, or faux (as in imitation or fake).  
The tooth test is a theory that authentic pearls will not scratch against a tooth. That idea is not entirely true: freshwater pearls can scratch against teeth but saltwater pearls will not. The nacre of the saltwater pearl is much more compact.

Natural pearls are either freshwater or saltwater. The names themselves are telling of where they grow. Pearls are created as a reaction to the presence of a foreign object such as a grain of sand that causes irritation inside of a living mollusk or oyster. Nacre is secreted within the shell and forms around the irritant. This process creates a natural pearl. 

Cultured pearls go through the same natural process but are the result of material being transplanted into shells. Cultured pearls can be created using freshwater or saltwater shells. Most saltwater cultured pearls are stimulated with implanted beads. The trade name of these cultured pearls are Akoya Pearls (popular at Tiffany & Co.), White or Golden South Sea Pearls, and Tahitian (or "Black") Pearls. The majority of cultured pearls created without beads are mantle-grown in freshwater shells in China, known as "freshwater cultured pearls."

Saltwater pearls are generally more expensive than freshwater pearls because of the time it takes for them to form. A saltwater pearl may take between 5 and 20 years to form; whereas, a freshwater pearl can form between 1 and 6 years. Cultured pearls injected with beads are commonly harvested after one year for Akoya, 2 to 4 years for Tahitian and South Sea, and 2 to 7 years for freshwater pearls. 

Chanel Pearls


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