26 August 2014

How to dress for law school

Bonjour mes amis!  

What to wear to my first day of school was an exciting decision for me as a child. I still remember what I wore to the first day of sixth grade but I cannot recall what outfit I donned on any of my "first days" of law school. I'm surprised many people ask me what is appropriate for such an occasion.

So, if another woman asks me what to wear on the first day of class I will point her to this post.

Alice + Olivia "Love is in the air" cartoon dress
No, really. I'd love to see someone rock this whimsical 2014 Alice + Olivia cartoon comic-style dress. And why not pair this cutesy sheath with an item of equal conversation starter quality? My suggestion is a realistic cat head purse or a 2-D canvas bag (no, those are not handbag drawings--they're just seemingly unreal purses). 

Actually, I would neither suggest or go against the outfit above as the perfect back to school outfit. My suggestion is to wear what makes you comfortable and reflects the person you want to portray yourself as. 

18 August 2014

On a scale of 1 to 10, is Louis Vuitton a ‘Level 13’ copycat?

Bonjour mes amis!  

Today I’m updating you on a recent case with a preponderance of fashion (literally):

Antonio Brown is the entrepreneur behind LVL XIII, pronounced Level Thirteen. In June, Brown filed a trademark infringement and unfair competition lawsuit against Louis Vuitton and its parent company, LVMH.

LVL XIII is a young brand that as of late has received notable attention from celebrities: Tyson Beckford, Nick Cannon, Jason Derulo, Jim Jones, Tracey Morgan, and Nas. LVL XIII was introduced during a thriving luxury sneaker market and has been on a rise through the hard work of Brown, a laid off accountant turned fashion entrepreneur. LVL XIII sneakers are bold in design and made of quality leather and exotic skins along with equally impudent names. Brown also uses metal toe plates on his shoes. These plates are what Brown specifically alleges that Louis Vuitton has used in a way that impinges on the goodwill of his brand.

 photo shoez_caro_article-small_42311_zpscbdf678f.jpg

15 July 2014

Jordan Shine stealing Bottega Veneta's design | Fashion law post

Bonjour mes amis!  

GQ recently had an article about high fashion sneakers continuing to be on the rise. I found one pair particularly pinteresting:

  photo 5f113e99a1553d6a70a59d96ca60e86e_zps343da65b.jpg
GQ printed the picture above along with the following:
"Nike's Air Jordans have been knocked off by everyone. Yes, even the high-fashion brands. But instead of heading down to Fashion Week and smashing in pomaded heads, Jordan's designers are battling back. The brand's newest collection features its classic Jordan 1 silhouette in high-end leathers, simplistic solid colors, and a woven look that's more runway than hardwood." 
However, I am left wondering why the designers thought they were being so innovative. Of course the woven look is more runway. It is also more Bottega Veneta than MJ! 


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