16 September 2014

Urban Outfitters sells controversial "bloody" Kenn State sweatshirt | Fashion law post

Urban Outfitters is now in a bloody fashion law mess

On May 4, 1970, there was an antiwar rally at Kenn State. Although students were protesting the presence of the Guard on Kenn State's campus, the rally was intended to be a peaceful one. Tensions and events escalated into the loss of four student lives and left nine others physically wounded.

Fast-forward to 2014, Urban Outfitters sold a controversial, seemingly bloody, $129 Kenn State sweatshirt under their women's clothing category called "vintage finds."
Fashion Law Urban Outfitters Kent State Bloodstain Sweatshirt
Urban Outfitters' Kent State "Bloodstained" Sweatshirt. Photo c/o Business Insider
Do you think Urban Outfitters intended to make this sweatshirt look bloody?

15 September 2014

Altuzarra for Target | Petite fashion fitting room review

High-low fashion collaborations provide luxury design without high fashion price tags but is construction compromised?

I was hopeful that the Altuzarra for Target collection would feel as good as it looked. Altuzarra wished for the same; he noted wanting the collection to be a true reflection of his usual work. And this collection does have more tailored construction details than previous Target designer collaborations.
Altuzarra for Target fashion fit review for petite women.
Altuzarra for Target may work in pictures but is it good on petites?

Still, while Altuzarra is a French designer this collection is unsurprisingly made in China. Material selection (of rayon and polyester) aside, I have been liked this collection on some (taller) women:
Altuzarra for Target fit of dresses review
Example photo of 5'7" (potential future blogger) bobearahlife in Altuzarra for Target
Should Target add petite sizing to their designer collections?

12 September 2014

How to be an it girl without following trends

Can you be chic on a budget?

After perusing NYFW must-haves I decided to address being chic on a budget. As a rule, I suggest only splurging on the latest "it item" if it can transcend several seasons.
Case study: Fendi monsters


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