07 April 2012

Currently loving &/or longingly coveting

Last month I introduced this edition to my blog.

In my currently loving or longingly covering posts I will share things that make me smile when I am feeling down or things that I find make life easier. 
My idea is to later pull from these lists for giveaways. 
Currently loving:
  • My followers! 
    • My pink crochet skirt
      • Source: web.stagram.com
      •  I am still on a pink and purple kick so this skirt is a perfect addition to my Spring/Summer wardrobe!
    • Trenta iced passion fruit tea lemonades, sweetened

      • I tell myself this is healthy because it has tea but from the taste of it I imagine the amount of tea is marginal.

    Longingly coveting:
    • With the end of lent near, my tastebuds are daydreaming about Ladurée macarons. I wish they were available for delivery!
    • I have the state bar to look forward to so this game/study tool has been on my mind

    As a heads up, I will formally announce my follower contest this Monday. But I hope you plan to take a chance on it! Since I have not received suggestions and I mentioned last month that I expect to pull items from my "currently loving &/or longingly coveting" posts for giveaways, I think my prize will be (a non-sponsored) giveaway of my favorite scented designer drawer liners (mentioned here) and a gift card (likely a general Visa or Mastercard one instead of a store-specific one to accommodate readers from different countries).

    Keep in mind that you will have to be a public follower to enter and liking on facebook or following by twitter will count as more entries.

    ♥ Thanks for reading and supporting my blog! 


    1. Love that purple Gucci bag :D


    2. i like you purple bag :)

      i'm following your blog.. so could you follow mine too?
      thank you


    3. Really nice I loved the skirt, bag and nail polish ! :)

    4. omg i love that purple bag!
      hope to see you on my blog again!

    5. I love the purple bag!! ...and I love the lace skirt and how the pink gives it a different twist!


      1. Thanks Pilar. I'm crushing on pink right now!

    6. OMG I love that lace skirt, simply beautiful

      I love it. Thanks for visiting my blog


    7. Oh, the saboskirt crochet skirt looks adorable on you! You look absolutely beautiful in it. :) Ahhh, and I'm drooling over the Laduree macarons - send a few my way perhaps? ;)

      Have a lovely weekend!

      <3 Mandy xx

      1. Thanks so much And hmm... macarons from Laduree could be a giveaway ;)

    8. LOVE that lace skirt - it's beautiful!! And I wish Laduree would deliver also!!

      xo, sam


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