05 March 2012

Fitting room fun with Madmen style

Review of Banana Republic's Spring 2012 Mad Men collection & sprinkles of J Crew
If you follow me on instagram you know I previewed this fit review post.
I'm obsessed with this pink color but unfortunately not with the cut and fit of this dress

Despite the petite sizing, this dress swallows me, making it more prom dress than work attire. Aside from the taffeta, the bow and princess shape (that hides cleavage making it good as business cocktail attire) does not a 'Betty' make on me.
Like last time (here) I think this dress is more fit for a bride's maid. Some alterations (like making the straps thinner or dropping the neck lower) could make this dress a great date night dress. The cost of alterations would be worth it for this 100% silk dress that is fully lined and reasonably priced at $150.
Here I am pulling at the extra material
If you liked the similar one from the last capsule collection but found it too big, this one (here) may be worth the try. The fit is smaller than last time (see here) but the length is still much longer than intended.
A better fit from this limited collection:
This dress can be also worn without the included sash belt. I am sorry that I was too excited about the polka dots to snap a picture without the belt. This stone wash color serves as a great canvas for silk scarves (as I've shown herehere, and here). The length of this dress is also much better than the one above.
These pants are a little on the absurdly tight side, especially to pull off as work attire for my body shape. I could have tried the 2P but I do not care for the length of these and they reminded me of the J Crew ones that I found more comfortable. If the fit were right, the color could be styled to be appropriate for some work environments. The key is to make this your only statement piece by pairing them with neutral tops and blazers: think creams, grays, and whites. Although a dark blue may be a tempting color blocking contrast, you likely need to keep that for your weekend looks. -If you are in the legal field, such a stark contrast draws too much (unprofessional) attention.
The flamingo pose
Pink "majesty" cigarette pants (here)
Size reference: 0P
Compare with JCrew:
 J Crew cafĂ© capri (here)
Size reference 00 (instead of petite to keep this length)

J Crew minnie pant (here)  
Size reference: 00
Shoes: J Crew Valentina pumps (here)
Do you plan on wearing spring trends to work?

I hope this review is helpful to you. For you ladies who are on the thinner side, I suggest checking out Banana Republic's cigarette pants. I found the fit tighter than the usual equivalent size at BR. I heard that the collection is only being sold online and in stores until March 20th and although I find it hard to believe that they will pull unsold items from the shelves instead of leaving them to be sold, this likely means that once a size is sold out it will be hard to locate them again.

Personally, I took to the colors and fit at J Crew more. I am also interested in similar Ann Taylor ones (here and here).

By the way, you get 25% off of Banana Republic online through March 5th with purchase of $100+ with code BRMARCH25. 

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  1. I love this white dress!!

    1. Thanks so much! It actually can also be work off the shoulders too (if your shoulders are not as broad as mine).

  2. Lovely outfits!!


  3. The white dress is absolutely gorgeous and really compliments your beautiful curves :)

    xoxo champagne

    p.s. I'm your new follower, hope you follow me too!

  4. Depends on the trend but dots seem tame enough to wear to my office. But I'm afraid of wearing brights for work.

    1. I agree. And the main thing to keep in mind is what is proper attire for your office. Walking around like a human highlighter can get you fired. --Last week a firm fired approx. a dozen people for wearing orange shirts... Hmm, maybe I should blog this ;)

  5. i absolutely love that white dress! great sash, and love your poses. happy friday!

    1. Haha, thanks for commenting on the poses. I tried straight forward and 45 degree angles to show as much as I could of the garments.

  6. love ur pants

  7. You have amazing blog and style! We can follow each other, when u want :)

  8. Lovely color combo of the 3rd outfit!!

    just JE NE SAIS QUOI

  9. The pink princess dress is beautiful and reminds me of Cinderella! I love the tan dress; the belt is HOT! The last two outfits are super adorable, versatile and interchangeable. More bang for your buck and it's a casual but dressy and girlie look. Great options displayed!!

    1. Thanks for your continued thoughtful comments! :)

  10. The white dress with the polka dot sash belt is amazing!!


  11. Fun outfits, I love the burst of colors, I am not sure I would wear it to work though.

    1. I don't know where you work but for me too none of these pieces would have been appropriate. But definitely fun weekend wear :)

  12. all great outfit choices

    thanks for visiting my blog, hope you return soon ;-)

  13. Love the dress with the polka dot sash, you look great in it!


  14. Spring trends - I am definitely wearing lace dresses to work and brighter colors in all my outfits. Thanks for the review of the Mad Men capsule.


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